Are you a consultant seeking to improve your productivity?


Effective strategic planing methodology


Reduce by 20% the time spent on program management

Project management tools for consultant


Reduce your travelling by 2

Advanseez to implement action plan for assignment consultancy

Action Plans

Action plans have a 30% higher success rate

Execute strategy successfully


Drastically reduce email exchanges by 30% or more

With Advanseez turn the decisions into actions

Whether your project is to develop new strategies, marketing campaigns, quality or change processes; improve your time management and the communication and collaboration with your customers, are key factors.

Execute your strategy online

Collaborate actively with your customers

Define sales strategy

Create action plans for each of your projects

Define marketing strategy

Monitor the implementation of the action plans

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Organize Your Action Plans in a Dedicated Space

Advanseez helps consultants and freelancers to organize their work in a dedicated space for action plans. Our tools allow to develop and implement effective action plans for managing different projects, following the progress for each task, action and objective.

Develop Your Strategic Planning Efficiently

With Advanseez consultants can organize the information to define their strategies and objectives. Our strategic planning tool allows to visualize the possible solutions in order to prioritize and make better decisions on which strategies to implement and execute to develop a project or solve a problem.

Make Better Strategic Decisions

Advanseez is a simple online tool that supports consultants to improve their business decision making process, allowing to centralize in one place all the necessary information in order to to make better and strategic business decisions. Organize, analyze and prioritize the information in collaboration or individually, to decide the strategies to develop and the objectives to achieve for an specific project.

Improve Your Project Management Productivity

Advanseez is a simple online project management and collaboration tool that allows consultants to manage their different projects and invite clients and partners to collaborate. Our solution offers better and easy time management to improve productivity during the implementation of a strategic plan, assigning tasks to a project team members and following their progress to achieve the objectives.