Advanseez is HeartBleed-proof

Some of you may already know that a major security flaw hit the web over the last few days. Bloomberg explains the details of the flaw and its consequences in an article which can be summed as:

The secured connexion encryption software used by 66% of the web contains since 2011 a security flaw that could be used by hackers or intelligence agencies to obtain passwords, bank details and other critical data sent other the internet, all of this without leaving any trace.

heartbleed-cmpSecurity analysts say that this event is far beyond any other threat seen before; to such an extent that the flaw has a name, “HeartBleed”, a logo and an official website has been launched to educate the public: heartbleed.com

However the part of the program affected by the flaw (the “heartbeat” function, hence its name) was deactivated on Advanseez’ servers for performance reasons.

It means that encrypted data that you exchanged with Advanseez were and are unaffected by the flaw.

Even if Advanseez was protected at the time of the flaw, since the 8th of April we have patched the incriminated program in order to secure perfectly the platform. Moreover, we renewed our encryption certificate in order to provide for any contingencies.
Advanseez remains completely secure and users can carry on making decisions and following actions without any risk.

The most paranoid of us will put their mind at rest by checking by themselves with third-party tools that Advanseez is secured.

Remember that if you use the same password on other websites, applications or tools, you must absolutely change it everywhere because it might be compromised on one of them.

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Christophe Hervé, co-founder and CEO Advanseez has acquired a multifaceted academic managerial and entrepreneurial experience. With a biochemistry degree, he quickly evolved into operational management functions that led him to attend HEC and ESCP Europe. Passionate about human sciences, new technologies in mankind service, and not the opposite, he became expert in Management 2.0. @Herve_Chris

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