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Soon on this blog, we will discover all the latest trends in the management 2.0 scope.

We will share our thoughts and opinions on collaborative practices in companies. We try to identify all the barriers to collaboration. We will offer you an objective look at the web tools that facilitate or not collaborative work.

We will discover news, ideas, theories and practices.
Interviews with various managers of differents industries and feedback about collaborative practices will be published.

Stay tuned!

Photo Credit : L’Illustration: journal universel, Vol. 25, J. J. Dubochet, 1855, 453 p. via Wikimedia Commons

About Christophe Hervé

Christophe Hervé, co-founder and CEO Advanseez has acquired a multifaceted academic managerial and entrepreneurial experience. With a biochemistry degree, he quickly evolved into operational management functions that led him to attend HEC and ESCP Europe. Passionate about human sciences, new technologies in mankind service, and not the opposite, he became expert in Management 2.0. @Herve_Chris